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A (A) IP Tourism Product Development Agency was established in 2010 by the Department of Tourism and Resorts of Adjara as a "Batumi Travel Agency", and since 2015 has continued to operate under a new name and concept. At present, the main goal of the agency is to exploit the potential of mountainous, green Adjara beyond the sea line, to create tourist products and mark new routes, to manage 9 information centers, to supply them with necessary information materials for tourists (map, guide, routes). Record them in a common database, install bookmarks, improve service quality and provide various training.

In addition to the above functions and goals, the activities of the Tourism Product Development Agency also include organizing various thematic festivals throughout the year, which helps to popularize the region, show its potential to the wider masses and attract more tourists.

Among the festivals organized by the agency are: Batumi and Kobuleti summer color festivals, migratory bird watching festival, which brings together the world's most famous ornithologists and people interested in this field of ecotourism, rural tourism festival in Gandaganuri An international conference that connects many people working in this field and paves the way for success, and finally, the winter festival at the resorts of Gomardi and Goderdzi, as a reminder once again that Adjara is relevant and in demand in all four seasons.

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