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NNLE Tourism Product Development Agency was established by Department of Tourism and Resorts of Adjara A. R. in 2015 (Former name: NNLE Batumi Tourism Agency ). Main responsibilities of the agency are creation and development of tourism products, management of Information Centers and service quality improvement.

Since 2015 Tourism Product Development Agency is actively working on the development of tourism potential beyond the coastline, in the mountainous Adjara, which implies activities such as creating and improving rural tourist routes, marking new routes, introducing new and expanding existing tourism services, installing information boards and bicycle racks, creating route maps, organizing thematic events, connecting tourist routes with guest houses, training for guesthouses owners, promotional activities and others.

The agency manages and regularly updates the tourist information base. It operates nine information centers (5 in the city and 4 in the mountainous municipalities of Adjara), where the visitors can get any information about the region and a wide range of tourist services. Tourism Product Development Agency, along with other institutions, is engaged in projects related to the tourism sector in the region, collaborates with international organizations and participates in conferences and seminars of various topics of mountain tourism.


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